Ridgecliff Middle School

Grade 6 Provincial Exams

Hello Grade 6 student Parents&/or Guardians,

Ridgecliff Middle School wants to ensure that you are all up to date with the most recent, pertinent information related to the upcoming Grade 6 Provincial Reading, Writing & Mathematics (RWM) Examinations. Grade 6 students have been preparing for these examinations with their classroom teachers for the past few weeks. Sample booklets were provided to all students in Mathematics, Reading and Writing. Our students have had the opportunity to work through these booklets, receive feedback, and become accustomed to the types of questions that they will encounter during the official examinations.

That being said, our dates and times for the examination week are as follows:

Day 1 Wednesday, October 10th (10 am – 11:30 am) - Reading & Writing (90 min) - 45 min Reading, 45 min Writing,  5 - 15 min break

Day 2 Friday, October 12th (10 am – 11:30 am) -  Reading & Writing (90 min) - 45 min Reading, 45 min Writing, 5 - 15 min break

Day 3 Monday, October 15th (10 am – 11 am) - Mathematics - 60 min, 5 – 15 min break

Day 4 Tuesday, October 16th (10 am – 11 am) - Mathematics - 60 min, 5 – 15 min break


* All Grade 6 students will write the Reading & Writing sections of the exam in English. French Immersion students will write both of the Mathematics sections of the exam in French.

A parent information pamphlet went home with all grade 6 students a few weeks ago, and more information can be found on the EECD website: https://www.ednet.ns.ca/

We want to wish all of our Grade 6 students the very best of luck on this Provincial Assessment.  We are proud of our students and know that they will represent Ridgecliff Middle School with Pride!