Ridgecliff Middle School

School Advisory Council

Do you know who serves on the Ridgecliff Middle School Advisory Council?  Here are the members for 2018-2019...

Christine Bonnell-Eisnor, Parent Rep and Chair

Scott Currie and Nadine Titus - Parent Reps

Yvette Jarvis, Sean McCarthy and Allan Greening - Community Reps

Candace Allan, Caleigh Hutchison and Meghan O'Neill - Teacher Reps

Sarah Crewe and Stella Murphy - Student Reps

Jamie Moore - Principal. non-voting member

If you have any questions that the SAC could help you answer, please do not hesitate to contact the Chair, Christine Bonnell-Eisnor at cbonnelleisnor@gmail.com

Click on the links below to read the minutes from our meetings in October, December and January.