Ridgecliff Middle School

Grade 9 RAMS...Are you Interested in O2? The Options & Opportunities Program may be for you!

What is O2 you may ask?   

O2 is a program designed to help high school students make connections between what they’re learning in school and post-secondary programs and career exploration. It’s about preparing students to move to the next phase in their lives. It’s about schools, families and community hosts working together to provide students with opportunities to gain real experience in a real workplace and to help them determine the best career pathway for them whether it is the labour market or post-secondary education and training including community college, private schools or university.


The O2 program is:

 A three year commitment designed to meet the needs of students
 Fully accredited (Regular High School Diploma, O2 Certificate, Workplace Health and Safety Certificate)
 Integrated career education focusing on skills that all employers are looking for in the 21st century
 Community based learning partnerships and the development of a personalized Lifework Portfolio
 A supportive and fun environment where you are backed by a team



O2 Information Sheet

O2 Aplication Form

O2 Teacher Reference

O2 Community Reference


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