Ridgecliff Middle School

Sept 6th First Day of School Eve message to families

Good afternoon Parents, Guardians and Ridgecliff Students!

Tomorrow is an exciting day for us all!
The staff at Ridgecliff are super excited to be welcoming back returning students and new students tomorrow. We have been hard at work preparing for the upcoming school year, and looking forward to a great year.
Reminder that our school bell rings at 7:50am!

Tomorrow morning our staff will be outside, beginning at 7:40am, to greet students back for another school year and help them locate their homeroom classrooms.
Students in grade 7-9 will go directly to their homeroom classrooms and spend the morning with homeroom teachers for orientation. The remainder of the day, students will follow their normal 2-week schedule. Students will receive a copy of their schedule and more information in the first couple of hours tomorrow.
Students in grade 6 will go directly into the cafeteria with their teachers and administration for a welcome message before leaving to go to their homeroom classroom.

• Students are welcome to bring in their supplies on the first day of school. Students should bring a light snack, lunch and a filled water bottle for the day.  A reminder that students will not be permitted to leave the school property until completed Permission forms are completed and returned.
• Student Fees for the year are 15$. Paying this fee through the convenience of School Cash Online is 16$ which includes a service charge.  If you would prefer to avoid the service charge, you are welcome to pay student fees in person through the main office.  Please contact the school directly if you have any questions about student fees this year.
• Don’t forget to make note of all other important dates in our school calendar.

• If your child takes the bus, it is important to review their bus stop times and locations through BusPlanner’s Parent Portal. If you have questions, contact us at transportation@hrce.ca or 902-431-4723.

• Picture Day at Ridgecliff is September 13.  We will be sending home a reminder next week. 
• Please remember: the first few weeks can be challenging as we adjust to new routines. Please be patient as we get up and running. You may experience bus delays, especially in the early days. There may also be adjustments to classes to accommodate new registrations and meet class cap guidelines by the end of September.

Here are the junior high homeroom teachers and their classroom locations
Homeroom # Homeroom Teacher Room
71 Ms. Smith 1086
72 Mr. Sullivan 2024
73 Mr. Abidi 1085
74 EFI Ms. Malone 1076
75 EFI Ms. Macdonald 1075
76 LFI Ms. Bezanson 1061
81 Ms. Harvey 2065
82 Ms. Baker 2064
83 Ms.  Allan 2053
84 EFI Mr.  Wall 2061
85 EFI Mr. Materi 1029
86 LFI Ms. Sfalagakos 2047
91 Ms. Pearson 2058
92 Mr. Wadden 2057
93 Ms. Caulier 2055
94 Ms. Rafuse (Murray) 2062
95 Ms. Mitrovic 2046
96 E/LFI Ms. Andriopoulos 2049
97 E/LFI Ms. White 2050