Ridgecliff Middle School

Upcoming Dates/ Items for RMS

Grade 6 Assessments – Literacy Assessments will be held Wed, Oct 4 and Thurs, Oct 5; Math assessments will be held Wed, Oct 11 and Thurs, Oct 12.  Make up day will be  held on the following Fridays.

Friday, Sept 29 – wear ORANGE in recognition of Truth and Reconciliation Day

Monday, Oct 2 – Truth and Reconciliation Day- no school

Monday Oct 9- Thanksgiving - no school

Wednesday Oct 27- Grade 7 Immunizations

Friday Oct 27- Provincial PD Day- no school for students


Homework Hub continues to be available to all Nova Scotian students from grades 4-12. The Homework Hub provides electronic textbooks, instructional videos, vocabulary review, practice questions, and live tutoring. Tutors at The Homework Hub are all Nova Scotia teachers. Please reassure students that while they interact with the tutor, it is through typing and/ or speaking depending on their comfort level (this is not a video chat).  Students can find the link on their GNSPES launch page. Homework Hub 4-6 and NS Homework Hub 7-12.
The hours of operation for online tutoring via Homework Hub can be found below.
o Grades 4-6: Monday-Wednesday 5:30-6:30 pm
o Grades 7-12: Sunday-Thursday 5:30-9:30 pm