Ridgecliff Middle School

Community Health Team programs for Parents

The Community Health Teams are a joint partnership between the IWK and the Nova Scotia Health Authority.

We are offering the following FREE programs for parents in your community:  

• Incredible Years Parenting Program - 12 week program for parents of 6-12 year olds (School Aged) and 14 week program for parents of 3-6 year olds (Pre-school)
My Child is Anxious. Should I worry? 2 week program
Parenting your Teenager: Walking the Middle Path – 1-Day Workshop
Handle with Care- 6 week program for parents of 0-6 year olds
Parent Wellness Series-4 week program which covers My Child is Anxious as well as sessions on parent stress and parent sleep.
NEW Parent/Caregiver 101 Series offered by IWK Pediatric Dietitians & Occupational Therapists - Behaviour 101, Mealtime 101, Toileting 101

The CHT flyer attached, also has many other free health and wellness programs to support your families.