Ridgecliff Middle School

Orange Shirt Day: Every Child Matters


Ridgecliff Middle School invites our school community to observe:

ORANGE SHIRT DAY: Every Child Matters;

on September 30th: An Opportunity for ReconciliACTION


Since 2013, Orange Shirt Day has been included in many schools' September event list as an opportunity for students and staff to participate in reconciliation. Ridgecliff Middle School will acknowledge this day in order to increase awareness about the tens of thousands of Indigenous children throughout Canada who were removed from their homes and communities and sent to residential schools. 


As wearing pink has become a very powerful anti-bullying statement, our hope is that wearing orange on and/or near September 30th will be recognized as a commitment to reconciliation in honour of the children of residential schools.: Every Child Matters;

RIDGECLIFF MIDDLE SCHOOL will recognize Orange Shirt Day on Monday, SEPTEMBER 30TH!